Saturday, 20 October 2012

Exclusive saree part 45

” Saree is a sexy outfit, who will oppose this
statement? I’m excieted about wearing it in my farewell party, it will
make me look glam and ethnic at the same time.” said the saree loving
college girl Nandita. It is said that the body of an average Indian
woman is most suitable for wearing a saree where height being an
average 5 to 5ft 4 in and waist size 30 to 40 if drapped perfectly in a
saree will actually accentuate your figure. Many people believe that
the saree was actually influenced from the greeks and the romans ” Toga
” (worn by men) and ” Stola ” ( worn by women ) which were long 6
meters cloth draped and worn over a tunic( slip ).

happy being fashionable......

RM 200

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